We’ve talked before about non-traditional headshots and photos to promote yourself and your business, but let’s recap: In this modern, digital world where the online experience has gained popularity over the brick and mortar experience (thanks, COVID) it is more important than ever that your virtual storefront is just a personable, clean, and approachable as your actual storefront! You wouldn’t let your place of business look run-down or neglected, would you? Well, nowadays, the same goes for your website and even your social media pages!

Which brings us back to this photoshoot with Elizabeth Mendy, the President of Roots Wine Bar. She wanted photos taken at her favorite local wine shop, Grapes and Grains in Barrington (she's a proud regular!) to promote her work as part of her business plan. This included headshots, along with photos of her handling wine bottles, conducting a wine tasting, and pouring. It’s not every day we have a client who can incorporate wine into the professional headshot session, so this was a bit of fun!

branding photos for a wine bar

Prior to her session, we discussed what to wear and bring to make her final photos look as personalized and authentic to her brand as possible – she even ordered her own wine glasses specifically for the shoot to achieve her aesthetic! Additionally, we talked about what sizes and types of photos she needed, so we knew going in what types of shots we were looking for.

So how did Elizabeth feel when she saw the final photos?

Oh! My goodness, my mouth is drooling! It is the perfect photoshoot! THE PHOTOS ARE AMAZING!!!"

That’s what we like to hear! :-)