Photography is an art that unfolds not just in the camera’s shutter but also within the darkroom and printing process. It is the process of capturing ephemeral moments in nature and freezing that moment of history indefinitely.

Abandoned buildings hold a particular allure for me, both visually and conceptually. Their weathered facades create intricate geometries, developing rich layers of textures and colors. Though these decaying walls can’t speak, their peeling paint and empty rooms tell the long-forgotten stories of the past, as they fight to hold onto deteriorating memories.

In my series Hidden Silhouettes In Unrefined Shades, I focus on the central themes of aging and fleeting time. It is my hope that, when considering the photographs of these abandoned buildings, viewers are overcome with the questions, “What happened here?” and, “What can happen now?”

The choice of color film allows me to emphasize the vibrant hues of the peeling paint while maximizing the contrast of layered texture. Each frame represents its own story, deliberately capturing a particular moment in an intentionally flat and straightforward style. Inspired by the Abstract Expressionism of Jackson Pollock and the photography of Aaron Siskind, my images represent formal aspects of photography, captured through my own non-traditional approach.