The world of Lo-fi and “Toy” Camera photography is beautifully simple, focused purely on the joy of the hobby and not the price tag of your gear.

These cameras, usually crafted from plastic or (in the case of TtV models) even fashioned from cereal boxes, embody a child-like appreciation for the basics of the art form. I love playing around with these cameras not for their specs, but for their unique aesthetics, quirks, imperfections, and the sheer fun of using them.

Light leaks are not just common but almost expected with these cameras, as unintended flares become part of the overall narrative. Soft edges, a focused center, gentle vignettes, intentional blur, and eye-catching distortion all come together to add to the carefree nature of the film. What I truly love is leaning into the imperfection and spontaneity of each frame.

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Polaroid Instant Film

Film, especially Polaroid instant film, is my favorite medium to work with. Framing fleeting moments, emotions, and memories within the camera’s eye and etching them onto the raw materials understandably calls to both novice and seasoned photographers.

I’m particularly drawn to Polaroid photography because of its distinct attributes, similar to the allure of negative film. Soft hues and timeless character are embedded in every frame, and any movement or hint of the passage of time leaves its indelible mark. Cameras of different vintages and film types each foster their own unique levels of colors and vibrancy. It’s a world where the processing technique, the lenses in use, and the whims of serendipitous light leaks conspire to create individualized narratives for each print.

All images are available for purchase.