I was already deeply captivated by the world of Rocky Point, and actively shooting the old park, when I heard whispers of a documentary helmed by the talented local filmmaker, David Bettencourt. I immediately reached out hoping to collaborate and was quickly hired as the film’s Still Photographer.

You Must Be This Tall: The Story of Rocky Point Park takes a poignant look at one of New England’s greatest landmarks, taking viewers through the extensive history of Rocky Point Park, from its creation in 1847 to its current demolished state. Along the way, the film introduces park fans who rode iconic rides, past employees, and those who kept the park running for all those years.

During this project, I lent my hand to transcribing records and participated in a rare, legally-permitted exploration of the park’s hallowed ruins. The haunting remains of the House of Horrors, the resplendent Palladium, and the legendary World’s Largest Shore Dinner Hall became the central storytellers in this project. This series served as a heartfelt tribute to a place etched in the memories of many Rhode Islanders and further fueled my dedication to telling the stories held by long-forgotten structures.