You probably recognize Ezra from past blogs and photo shoots, we have photographed every major milestone in this family's life for the past 5 years. Everything from Abi and Larissa’s Boston engagement shoot to today has been captured by us, and we are so honored!"

Abi and Larissa like to plan to advance so we started brainstorming this session with them months ago. We scheduled the photo shoot on Ezra’s actual birthday, which is our tradition! As he’s gotten older, Ezra’s personality is really starting to shine, and this year he had a big say in what his 3rd birthday theme would be: his favorite, Starbucks!

Starbucks themed toddler boy photo session

It sounds funny, but Larissa works part time at Starbucks, so it’s become one of Ezra’s favorite places to hang out and visit. In fact, he is such a well-known fan of the brand he has earned the nickname “Mr. Starbucks” among family, friends, and Larissa’s coworkers. We have seen plenty of adults with a coffee obsession (guilty!), and even though he does not drink it yet, it looks like Ezra is well on his way to becoming another one – welcome to the club, buddy!

Naturally, at three, his favorite Starbucks snack is cake pops, and they were a fitting addition to this birthday boy’s photo shoot. As you can see from the pictures, Ezra had the time of his life posing with all the Starbucks themed merch and cake pops around him. On a side note, you can see from the REEL LINK TO REEL we made on Instagram that Larissa and I had a lot of fun with all the props, too! We already cannot wait to see what exciting ideas Ezra has for his birthday next year!

Q & A with Larissa…

Why is it important for you to continue hiring the same photographer for all your important moments?
Nicole knows our family and how we work. Every session is so smooth, and we just really enjoy working with her. She is stuck with us for life!

How did you come up with the idea of a Starbuck's themed shoot?
I work part time are Starbucks. On weekends we go, get breakfast, coffee and of course Ezra’s favorite
CAKE POPS! When we asked him what he’d like his birthday party theme to be he said cake pops and Starbucks!

Toddler Boy Starbuck's Themed Portrait Milestone Session

What is your favorite part about working with NGP?
Nicole has a wonderful personality and is super fun to work with. She has been photographing our lives since 2018!

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