I first met Corey and Theresa last year when we photographed their maternity session. We met on Blackstone Boulevard across from Swan Point Cemetery on a cold and drizzly day. It sounds dreary when I write it that way, but there is a stone hut they really love on the grounds which made the perfect backdrop for the weather, and we ended up having a lot of fun (getting very wet) and taking some beautiful photos!

Fast forward to a few months ago when Corey and Theresa reached out again to say they were having a very small wedding ceremony at that same stone hut on Blackstone Boulevard - and they asked if I was free to photograph it! It’s always awesome when couples return to us to document more of their major milestones, and this was no exception!

black and white wedding ceremony photo of bride and groom

Sunday, April 2nd was one of those perfect (and rare) southern New England spring days. The sun felt warm without being hot and the air had a nice breeze with no humidity. It was a total change from our first photoshoot at the stone hut last year, and I was happy for it; everyone deserves an amazing wedding day! Present for the ceremony were both their Mom's and their daughter, River who just turned one. Their best friend, Natalie, married them with one of the most heartfelt ceremonies I have ever seen - and I’ve seen quite a few! Corey and Theresa each wrote their own vows which I love; it really dives into their personalities and feelings for each other and every day.

Intimate Wedding Ceremony in Providence RI
Outdoor wedding photos of intimate wedding Providence RI

One of my favorite parts of their minimony was the customized champagne flutes they ordered and gifted to each person in attendance – They were SO funny:

"I'm the fucking Bride 4/2/23"

"I'm the fucking Groom 4/2/23"

"I'm Mémère 4/2/23"

"I'm Gram 4/2/23"

"I'm the fucking professional 4/2/23" (for Natalie)

"I took their photos 4/2/23" (for me!)

photo of bride and groom with their one year old daughter

Theresa told me she didn’t want to drop the F-Bomb on my flute just in case I got offended LOL! I was so excited to be included, it was so beyond thoughtful! I can’t wait to photograph their reception later this year!

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