Ever wonder what makes wedding photography a notable expense? The best wedding photography comes with deep expertise, tools, and time. Learn more.

Most couples know photography is an indispensable part of capturing their wedding experience. After all, it’s something you only get one chance to document right, and it’s what your family will cherish in photo albums or framed memories for generations to come. But one of the most common questions we get is, “why is wedding photography a big investment?”

The best wedding photography goes beyond the day itself. When you choose to work with a skilled wedding photographer, the work actually begins the day you meet! If this surprises you, read about the three essential but little-known elements required to get unforgettable wedding photography.

  1. Detailed planning & problem solving

A skill that excellent wedding photographers have that’s often overlooked is how their years of experience improve the quality of your images. In their time spent getting to know a variety of couples and shooting a range of wedding styles, you get the benefit of a photographer who is equipped with a deep understanding of how to guide you and make your wedding photography vision come to life.

photos of wedding photographers taking photos

We want our couples to receive incredible wedding photos while also feeling confident while working with us. It’s why when you hire us, we frequently communicate before, during, and after the wedding to ensure we’re meeting your expectations.

  1. High-quality photo equipment

While smartphones have come a long way in photo quality, nothing beats the engineering of a reputable camera body and lens. A top-notch wedding photographer can easily invest more than $20,000 in their equipment. This includes high-capacity memory cards, multiple lenses to accommodate different ranges and environments, batteries, editing software, and more. Skilled photographers will invest in best-in-class gear to guarantee high-quality, breathtaking images.

black and white photos of a female wedding photographer taking photos
  1. Editing expertise

While top-notch gear is crucial to producing standout wedding photography, photo editing is where the magic happens. It’s one of the most time-intensive parts of wedding photography because we carefully organize and edit raw photos.

Once we shoot your wedding photos, we’re off to our studio to review the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of images captured during the day. We consider what we’ve learned as your likes, dislikes, and memorable moments and curate those photos for editing. When editing, we correct images for color quality and even remove tiny details like flyaways on your hair. Meticulous editing is necessary to add the final spark to creating the best wedding photography.

straight out of the camera vs photo edits

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Now that you’ve learned three little-known elements essential to creating the best wedding photography, you can see how an 8-hour day is more like 80 hours of work for your wedding photography team. We hope this helps you understand what goes into the cost of high-quality wedding photography and prepares you to make a savvy investment in your big day.

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