Boudoir photography is a magical experience that makes women feel confident and empowered by spreading body positivity and boosting self-confidence.

A boudoir photoshoot is an eye-opening experience that allows you to step out of your day-to-day self and find new confidence in your sexy side. Taking the time to celebrate your body and all that it has accomplished can be incredibly empowering, and being pampered during an all-new and relaxing experience just adds to the celebratory self-care day.

black and white boudoir photo of woman over 40 years old

In today’s blog, I want to dive into what exactly boudoir photography is, what you can expect from a boudoir photo session, and how boudoir photos can build up your self-confidence and reconnect you with your body.

What is boudoir photography

The word “boudoir” comes from French, referring to a woman’s private dressing room. Because of this background, boudoir photography has typically featured lingerie or implied nudity, but how much (or how little) you wear is entirely up to you.

Confident and Sexy Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photos act as a way of celebrating sensuality, intimacy, and self-confidence. You get to see yourself in a completely new way by getting dolled up with professional hair and makeup and expertly posing under studio lights. We strip away all rules and expectations for how you “should” look or act and lean into whatever comes naturally. The confidence women feel during, and especially after, their boudoir photoshoot stays with them as they tackle their daily lives with a new-found boost in their self-esteem.

Your boudoir photoshoot can take place at my studio, in a private hotel room, at your home, or anywhere else you feel most comfortable. I’m the sole photographer for these sessions, so my boudoir clients feel completely at ease in our safe, judgment-free space. As a woman, a mom, and a boudoir client myself, I know first-hand what concerns you may feel going into your boudoir session and I bring patience and respect as we find your comfort level.

Who is boudoir photography for?

The short answer is - any woman! Many women originally book a boudoir session to give the photos as a wedding gift for their fiance, or as a birthday surprise for their partner. However, once my clients see themselves glowing and embracing their sexy side, it truly becomes a gift for themselves as well.

Boudoir sessions are also popular with expecting mothers, who like incorporating boudoir photos into their maternity shoots. This is a beautiful way to capture the incredible transformation your body has taken as you grow new life and celebrate your strength and femininity at the same time.

Classic Black and White Maternity Boudoir

We’ve also had women shoot boudoir photos before breast reduction surgery or to repair their connection with their bodies after a particularly difficult time in their lives. Whether you’re hoping to surprise your partner with a couple of large canvases or want a secret photo album just for you, we can customize your boudoir photoshoot to your exact desire.

How boudoir photography encourages women to celebrate their bodies

So many women feel defined by their relationships with the people around them. Mothers, wives, and daughters are all valuable and essential to the foundations of many families, but who you are goes beyond that role. Boudoir photography celebrates you, exactly as you are. It helps you reconnect with your body, your passions, your sensuality, and your complete self, helping you recharge so you can be your best self for the people you love.

Black woman boudoir inspiration

A chance to step outside the day-to-day routine

Many of my boudoir clients are busy moms and wives, often running between errands and work responsibilities, always unable to find time for themselves. A boudoir photo session is the perfect excuse to set aside a day just for yourself. Rediscover your sexy side and reconnect with the parts of yourself that don’t get the chance to shine in your everyday life. You’ll be pampered with complimentary hair and makeup styling, and even a mimosa or two to shake off any nerves. Overall, it’s a fun chance to play with some fun looks and appreciate your body for all that it’s done for you.

black and white boudoir photography

Helps develop new levels of self-confidence

There’s a magical moment that happens when I share boudoir photos with clients for the first time and watch their self-confidence skyrocket. When life gets hectic and your whole world becomes caring for others, you can go months or even years without feeling like your old sexy self. I love boudoir photography because it reminds my clients just how beautiful they are – that part of you has always been there, it’s just been hidden away! The experience of boudoir photography isn’t just an excuse to play dress-up for a day. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, and doing so can boost your self-confidence for life.

Colorful fun boudoir photography

Book your boudoir photoshoot today

Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift to knock your partner’s socks off, want to celebrate the life you’re growing, or simply need an excuse to take a day off and have fun, a boudoir photoshoot will celebrate your body and empower you to tackle life with new-found confidence.

Reach out today to chat about your ideal boudoir session and secure a spot on my calendar.