Newport wedding photography is sought after because the area is stunning and diverse. See our tips for finding the best Newport wedding photographer in Rhode Island.

Finding a skilled photographer becomes even more crucial when you are set on a specific location for your wedding photography, like Newport, Rhode Island. After all, your wedding photos are one of the few tangible items you’ll have after the big day, and you want to make sure you love how they turn out.

Newport locations with ocean views for wedding photos

Known as the “city by the sea,” Newport wedding photography is highly sought after because it has a little bit of everything. There are stunning ocean views, iconic landmarks that boast a rich history and architectural styles, and lovely accommodations for your guests.

Keep in mind there are several factors you should weigh as you set out to find the best Newport wedding photographer. We’ve gathered our tips below:

  1. Always check photographer portfolios

Every photographer comes with their own style. It’s helpful to browse several Newport wedding photographer portfolios to find the one that matches your vision. You can generally find portfolios on a photographer's website or social media channels.

Here are a few specific features to look for in portfolios:

  • Range of style - do they shoot in a consistent style, or are they versatile?
  • Eye for details - how do they capture details?
  • Editing style - do they have a specific editing style like bright and airy versus moody lighting/coloring?
wedding photos taken at OceanCliff in Newport RI
  1. Don’t skip the consultation

A wedding photography consultation is a face-to-face meeting that can benefit you and your potential photographer. Meeting for a consultation is an excellent opportunity to get a clearer sense of what it might be like to work with the photographer. It also allows the photographer to answer questions more specifically. Be sure to use the time to convey your Newport wedding photography ideas and how you plan to use the images afterward. There is no detail too small to share. In fact, a skilled photographer will use those as ideas for your upcoming shoots.

  1. Read the testimonials and reviews

Reading reviews from past clients should be part of your research in finding the best Newport wedding photographer. Outside of Google researching, you can also ask potential venues if they have a preferred vendor list. Be careful with this, though, because sometimes a vendor can pay to advertise their company on these lists.

Our favorite tip for getting the inside scoop on a wedding photography experience is through conversations with past clients. It can help to hear about a real wedding couple’s perspective. For example, you can learn if the specific wedding photographer captured the couple’s unique needs, listened and communicated well throughout the process, or did anything that went above and beyond the couple’s expectations.

Get ready to book the best Newport wedding photographer

Photographing elegant weddings in Newport is a specialty that we’ve refined over a decade of experience. Our knowledge has helped us become very familiar with the area, which means we know where the most iconic backdrops are and how to get to each location without bumping into traffic or tourists. Our expertise has benefited our couples so they can make the most of their glorious wedding day.

Ready to plan your Newport wedding photos? Get in touch with us and we’ll help your vision come to life.

Before your go, check out our Newport wedding photography portfolio


ocean cliff view; roseciff water views; castle hill inn ceremony view; Easton's beach Newport wedding views

The collage above (left to right) shows images from Ocean Cliff, RoseCliff’s Newport Mansion, Castle Hill Inn, and Easton's Beach Rotunda.


iconic Newport wedding venues the Eisenhower house and st Mary's church

The collage above shows images from the Eisenhower House (left), which overlooks Narragansett Bay and Newport Harbor, and St. Mary's Church (right), where John F. Kennedy and Jackie Bouvier were married in 1953.


bride and groom formal wedding photos taken at Brenton point in Newport ri

The collage above shows images from Brenton Point.

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