Discover our top 3 tips for creating memorable and personalized engagement photos you’ll love for a lifetime.

Congratulations on your engagement! While you may already be knee-deep in wedding planning, venue tours, and cake tastings, there’s one step you don’t want to put off: your engagement photoshoot (which is different from a proposal photoshoot)!

Being engaged is a uniquely magical moment in a relationship, and getting all dolled up for a personal engagement photoshootis a fantastic way to document this time. These photos will become a wonderful keepsake that you can use to announce your engagement, create save-the-dates, and in family photo albums.

To ensure your photos feel personal to you and your fiancé, we’ve compiled our top recommendations for bringing stellar engagement photo ideas to life.

  1. Use your engagement shoot as a chance to get comfortable with your photographer

Over the years, we’ve found the best photos come when a couple feels secure being themselves in front of the camera. While this may be easier for some than others, we always prioritize speaking with our newly engaged couples before the shoot to better understand their comfort levels and find ways to help their personalities shine.

Galilee Engagement Beach Portraits | Nicole Gesmondi Photographer

Here are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • If you “click” with your photographer, we recommend using them again for your wedding. An engagement session is a lower-pressure way to test this dynamic and chemistry.
  • Since you will receive your engagement photos well before your wedding, you will see how amazing they turned out. Knowing you can trust your photographer to capture your beautiful moments will help you feel more at ease on your big day.
  • Your engagement photographer can utilize what you tell them about your wedding vision to further personalize your engagement shoot and tie in related themes, locations, and colors.

  1. Find the best time and location for engagement photos in Rhode Island

There are endless options for bringing remarkable Rhode Island engagement photo ideas to life between the luscious parks, beautiful beaches, and inspiring cityscapes. Depending on the time of year you’re interested in, the lighting you’re hoping for, and the popularity of your chosen location, it is crucial to plan the timing of your shoot carefully.

Sunset Engagement Photos | Newport RI | Nicole Gesmondi Photographer

Here are some of our tips for choosing your location:

  • Summer and fall are typically the most popular times to take engagement photos in Rhode Island, and for a good reason! The changing leaves and the crisp air makes for a great cozy shoot, while picnics in the sand evoke a dreamy summer of love.
  • The sun is your best friend in outdoor photography, so consider lighting when you pick the time of day for your shoot. We recommend later afternoon and early evening shoots to take advantage of that gorgeous soft lighting, iconic golden hour, and awe-inspiring sunsets. An experienced photographer will guide you to make the best choices here.
  • If your location is incredibly trendy, you’ll want to avoid a congested backdrop. Downtown Thames Street, for example, is an excellent location for couples looking for a cityscape backdrop, so plan your engagement photoshoot for earlier in the day to beat the crowds. Or, if the oceanfront of Easton’s Beach is calling your name, try to aim for a weekday afternoon when it’s less popular with tourists and locals.
  • If you want to avoid crowds in general, a winter session can be an inspired alternative and a fun way to bring in snuggly props. In the past, we’ve leaned into the snow landscape by bringing snowsuits, hot chocolate, blankets, and winter hats to create a winter wonderland scene.

  1. Don’t be afraid to tell your engagement photographer precisely what you want

One of our most memorable engagement shoots was for Mike and Lauren. Mike had a romantic idea to take their engagement photos at Watch Hill, where he had initially proposed. We loved this idea! He put together a presentation, including his pictures of the location, to highlight the lighting he liked best.

Sunset Westerly Engagement Photos | Nicole Gesmondi Photographer

Mike’s attention to detail was incredibly touching, and it empowered us to bring their vision to life with outstanding results. (And I’m happy to say that I recently visited Mike and Lauren’s home to take adorable newborn photos and saw their engagement pics proudly displayed on the walls.)

Invest in engagement photos that last a lifetime

Engagement photos that take advantage of Rhode Island’s gorgeous backdrop are bound to be lovely. But the difference between good engagement photos and ones that make you teary-eyed is a veteran photographer who truly cares about personalizing your experience.

Above all else, your engagement photos should fully represent you and your partner and the beautiful relationship you share. Gain confidence that your experienced photographer will capture you and your partners’ personalities so you can focus on having fun and embracing the best parts of your relationship.

Reach out today to learn more about how we can create memorable engagement photos you’ll want to look back on for years to come.